Teroldego is a dark skinned grape variety grown primarily in the Trentino wine region of northern Italy, where it has been cultivated for hundreds of years.

It performs best in the Campo Rotaliano plain north of Trento in the heart of the Trentino, on the flat sandy land between the mountains. It is a relatively simple variety to cultivate and produces wine low in tannins, deep in colour, with vivacious acidity and good levels of fruit concentration. It is soft and needs very little aging, usually being drunk within three years of bottling, though it can cellar well for up to 10 years. Teroldego has its own DOC in Trentino, namely Teroldego Rotoliano. Both red and rose wines are made under this appellation.

In blends, it adds color, and is planted in Tuscany, Sicily and the Veneto mainly for this purpose, though some experimental varietal wines are also bottled. There is also a small amount grown in Australia, California and Brazil.

The Sgarzon 2015 by Elisabetta Foradori is great example of the Teroldego wines we would suggest to taste. The estate comprises 28 hectares of vines, 75% of which are Teroldego, and produces around 12,000 bottles of Sgarzon per year. The vineyards are high in altitude, surrounded by mountains, on flat sites which receive a lot of sunlight and drain well. The Teroldego is grown on the expansive, limestone-and-granite-rich Campo Rotaliano plain with its sandy, gravelly alluvial soils. The wine spends 8 months in amphorae, with skin contact which preserves and intensifies the diversity.

The Sgarzon 2015 is a delicious red wine with aromas of red cherries, wild berries, licorice and smoke. On the palate, complex red fruit flavours with an unusual freshness, medium body, crispy acidity and soft juicy tannins. Long finish with fruit and spicy flavours.

Food pairing: corned beef hash, beef couscous with raisins
Useful tips: serve at room temperature 15-18˚C

Amsterdam, November 6th 2019