Tannat is a black grape variety, historically grown in Madiran, France and is now one of the most prominent grapes in Uruguay. About 25% of the vineyards in Uruguay are planted with Tannat. It is also grown in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, the USA, where it is used as a blending grape, adding colour and tannin.

Its thick skins make Tannat easy to grow in different climate conditions (especially dry), less likely to be attacked by vineyard pests, fungus and mold, and less susceptible to cold temperature variations and the dreaded frost.

Modern French Tannat is characterized by its firm, tannin structure with raspberry aromas deep colour, high alcohol and the ability to age well. Tannat wines produced in Uruguay are usually quite different in character from Madiran wines, being lighter in body and lower in tannins. The fruit profiles are mostly black fruits, like blackberry, black cherry, and plum. Wines show an enduring elegance.

To soften the wine’s tannins winemakers often use oak barrel and extended aging. Micro-oxygenation is used to make the wines more approachable at a younger age.

Single Vineyard Tannat 2017 from Bodega Garzon in Maldonado represents the ideal example to discover all Uruguayan Tannat subtleties.

After spending 12-18 months in untoasted French oak barrels, this powerful 100% Tannat wine has a deep purple colour, an elegant nose, with aromas reminiscent of cherries and strawberries, black plums, tobacco and black chocolate on a spice-flavoured range. It is a full-bodied wine with a juicy and fresh mouth, pleasant sensation and a long and vibrant finish. Enjoy it with grilled meats or cured cheeses like Parmesan.

Vivino: 4.2

Amsterdam, May 4th 2020