Hárslevelü is a native Hungarian grape variety 🇭🇺, known for producing excellent white wines. It is the second most commonly planted grape variety in Hungary after Furmint, it makes up approximately 18% of the vines in Tokaj. Outside Hungary, Harslevelu is grown in Germany, Slovakia and a little in South Africa.

The name Hárslevelű translates as “Linden Leaf”☘️, and good examples of Hárslevelű wines are powerfully aromatic, rich, green-gold, with Linden honey flavours. It is a late ripening grape and requires warm climatic conditions.

It is most famous as one of the three grapes that make up the sweet wines of Tokaji✨, where it is added to Furmint and Muscat to bring floral aromas and richness to the blend. Hárslevelü is also capable of making excellent dry varietal wines, which are full bodied, with a very appealing texture and display an intense aromatic quality. Despite their dense structure they can be quite bright, with medium to high levels of acidity, making them very good food wines.

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Amsterdam, October 30, 2020