Grenache Blanc is a popular white grape of Spanish origin. This is a very late ripening variety, which can fully ripen only in warm climate areas, where sunny weather and accumulated heat are guaranteed for a long period, particularly during the ripening period. That’s why it’s mostly grown in the valleys of the Rhone region in France and Catalonia province in Spain.

Its wines are characterized by high alcohol and low acidity, with citrus and herbaceous notes. Because of its robust nature and brightness, it’s still primarily used in blends today.

Some very popular French wines are a combination of Roussanne and Grenache Blanc. The Roussillon region produces more than half of all the Grenache Blanc in all of France and this is also the region where some best known blended wines exist. The grape can often be found blending with Roussanne, Marsanne, Viognier and Rolle to produce wines that are consumed all over France.

Spain also produces a lot of white grapes with Grenache Blanc in unique blends. The grape is mostly found in the districts of Priorat, Alella, Aragon, Navarra and Terra Alta.

Terra Alta, land of Grenache, is the most southerly wine DO wine region in Catalonia. The climate here is a mix of Mediterranean and continental, with long, hot summers and cold winters. The vineyards are located on plateaus and valley floors, typically surrounded by rolling hills and impressively jagged mountain peaks. The soils of Terra Alta tend to be mainly limestone and clay.

The wine from Terra Alta we would like to emphasize today is Jordi Miro Garnacha Blanca 2017. Jordi Miró started this personal project by planting his first vineyard in 1999. After working in the wine industry, more specifically in the retail area, he decided to begin this journey and start making his own wines. In 2009 he built his own winery. Jordi Miró work with local grape varieties as well as with international varieties. He makes wines with their own particular style, with the aim of differentiating itself from others in an original way. He cultivates his vineyards organically.

Jordi Miro Garnacha Blanca 2017 is a young white wine made from 100% Grenache Blanc, harvested by hand. After crushing, the grapes undergo a skin-contact maceration process for 24 hours at 10ºC. 90% goes through alcoholic fermentation in stainless steel deposits, the remaining 10%, in big new French oak barrels. And then, this 10% is aged for 3 months.

Jordi Miro Garnacha Blanca 2017 is a fresh and fruity, easy-drinking white wine with a perfect combination of the toasted notes given by the actual barrel and the white fruit, typical of this variety. A hint of nuttiness and cream on the nose. Palette is sharp but pleasant with a hint of stone fruit, some almonds and wax. It’s a balanced, delicate wine with refreshing acidity.

So, if you are going to Catalonia soon, perhaps this wine will be your choice to enjoy good weather there.


Awards: Bronze of International Wine Challenge, 2018
Food pairing: grilled white fish, smoked dishes, mushrooms
Useful tips: serve it chilled 7-10˚C

Amsterdam, October 23th 2019