Today, we advise you to choose the best wine to pair with Foie Gras. If you plan to serve Foie Gras as an entrée, an off-dry white wine will be the perfect match!

The Foie gras has a very smooth and rich texture. It can overwhelm the mouth with a lasting flavor and a slight natural sweetness.

That’s why you should choose a refreshing wine with high levels of acidity that can counterbalance the powerful taste of the fatty liver. An off-dry white wine works better than a sweet wine like Sauternes because it will not interfere with the next course.

Savennières Clos du Papillon 2015 from Domaine Des Baumard will suit wonderfully with this starter. Fresh, mineral and powerful, it expresses all the aromatic richness and elegance of Chenin Blanc grown on a great terroir which well balances with the natural sweetness of the Foie Gras. This wine displays citrus, verbena and orange blossom notes, that enhance the flavors of the dish.

What do you think about this pairing?

Santé !

Amsterdam, July 11th 2019