This is the recipe for a wonderful summer relish!

For your summer aperitifs, we recommend matching a homemade taramasalata with Semillon from Hunter Valley, Australia.

Taramasalata is a Greek meze ,a dip for bread, made from tarama, the salted and cured roe of the cod, carp, or gray mullet mixed with olive oil, lemon juice, and a starchy base of bread. Easy to prepare and savory! 

Your taramasalata spread Crispbread will perfectly pair with Semillon, a refreshing white grape variety! 

Sémillon first arrived in Australia in the early 19th century. Sémillon is used to make distinctive wines in a style that is unique to Australia. It is widely planted, but the classic region is Hunter Valley. For this wine pairing, we advise you 2018 Tyrrell’s Wines Semillon from Hunter Valley. 

On the nose, this wine shows crisp citrus freshness. On the palate, the wine continues with fresh citrus and concentrated grapefruit flavors which will cut through the fatness of the taramasalata, enhancing your overall experience.


Amsterdam, July 5, 2019