Eleanor Academy Policy Statements

Eleanor Wine Academy Policy Statements

Complaints and appeals

Policy aim and purpose

Eleanor Wine Academy strives for providing an excellent level of service to its students and candidates. This policy has been developed to ensure all course participants/candidates of Eleanor Wine Academy are given access to a fair complaints resolution and appeals

Who can make a complaint?

Any student/candidate of the Eleanor Wine Academy who believes they have experienced incorrect, inappropriate or unfair treatment and/ or are dissatisfied with the standard of service of the Eleanor Wine Academy, is entitled to access the complaints and appeals process set out in this policy.

Equality of access and treatment

The course participant/candidate can address his/her dissatisfaction with Eleanor Wine Academy services to our Office Manager at any time during the course, by sending an email to [email protected]

Complaints will be processed with courtesy, in a timely fashion and without fear of prejudicial treatment.

How to make a complaint

Informal process

Eleanor Wine Academy believes complaints and appeals should be resolved, wherever possible and appropriate at the informal level with a minimum of formal procedures.

An informal process, involving discussion between a student and a member of staff will be conducted in each case to try to resolve the issue prior to a formal appeal being lodged.

Formal Process

Students/candidates lodging a complaint must provide the following information:

Complaints will be acknowledged and investigated by our Office Manager and a response, including explanation and resolution, will be provided within 25 working days.
If a complaint remains unsolved and/or the student/candidate is not satisfied with the decision made by the Eleanor Wine Academy, the complainant has the right to contact the WSET Awards. This is only possible after all the procedures (informal and formal processes) undertaken by the Eleanor Wine Academy have been exhausted.

Conflict of interest

Eleanor Wine Academy values the integrity of its staff at all times, inside and outside the Eleanor Wine Academy. Staff members must ensure that there is no actual, or perceived, conflict between their personal interests and their professional duties and responsibilities.

Conflict of interest is assessed in terms of the likelihood that a staff member possessing a particular interest could be, or could appear to be, improperly influenced in the performance of their duties.

For example, a conflict of interest could exist when:

Eleanor Wine Academy will put in place all the necessary measures to safeguard the integrity of WSET courses and qualifications. Any candidate will report to Eleanor Wine Academy if he or she becomes aware of a conflict of interest between him/herself and a Member of the Eleanor Wine Academy staff that is involved in the examination. Some conflicts of interest can be handled and are therefore acceptable. For example, the marking of WSET Level 3 tasting assessments by Internal Assessors is verified by WSET Awards to mitigate the risk of a Conflict of Interest. Yet, if an employee of WSET or one of Eleanor Wine Academy undertakes a WSET qualification, measures can be put in place to maintain the integrity of the assessment.

Members of the Eleanor Wine Academy staff involved in the delivery of WSET qualifications who become aware of a conflict of interest must declare conflict to WSET Awards in writing immediately.

Any breach of this Policy by a Staff member may constitute a breach of that staff member’s employment agreement.

Data protection

Eleanor Wine Academy handles your personal data with the utmost care. It is fully committed to protect the privacy and rights of students and candidates in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). In this privacy statement, we explain what information we collect, what we do and what your rights are.

What information do we collect?

The personal data that students and candidates provide to us by means of the registration form to a course and all communication with students and candidates, such as e-mail, are stored by us.

Also, if a student is requesting a Reasonable Adjustment, the details are collected and stored by Eleanor Wine Academy.

How do we store your personal data?

Your personal data is stored digitally by us at a location that is not affiliated to any third parties.

What do we do with your data?

We use your personal data for the following purposes:

Who do we share your personal data with?

For the sake of good communication, your personal data and exam results is shared with your course educators and employees of the Eleanor Wine Academy as well as with WSET Awards.

Eleanor Wine Academy will submit the Candidate Personal Data to WSET Awards in order for it to carry out its function as an awarding organisation. WSET Awards has a legitimate interest in collecting and holding the candidate personal data for the purposes of examining and awarding WSET qualifications and collecting feedback from candidates.

Personal data of candidates requesting Reasonable Adjustments, for example a candidate’s medical history, are shared with WSET Awards for their approval so that the appropriate measures are put in place before the assessment activity takes place.

Data is not shared with third parties other than WSET Awards. Eleanor Wine Academy will never provide personal information to others than mentioned here, unless you give permission for this. We do not sell personal data.

How long do we keep your personal data and written communication for?

We store your personal data and communication for a period of 5 years following the registration of said data. Data is stored for the following reasons:

Confidentiality of the Eleanor Wine Academy

Information about people and companies that are mentioned during the courses will not be shared or sold to third parties.

Confidentiality of the student

Students are not allowed to share information about people and companies that is mentioned during the courses.

Access to student data and correction

Students have the right to inspect the data that Eleanor Wine Academy holds about them at any time.

Students can view and / or amend their provided data by email to [email protected]

Remove data from our database

If for any reason a student wishes to delete his/her personal data from our database, he/she can do so by sending an e-mail to: [email protected]

We will then immediately remove the student data from our database.

Delete data on our website or social media

We post photos of course participants and texts about the course on our website and on the Eleanor Wine Academy social media pages, such as Facebook and Instagram. We will always ensure that this happens in a respectful way. We also post photos and texts that you, other students or teachers provide us with.

If the student objects to a photo or text, or wants to end consent, he/she can send an email to [email protected]

We will then immediately delete the student data.

Privacy Statement for Visitors of Eleanor Wine Academy Website

General visitor data is kept on the website. The IP address of your computer, the possible user name, the time of the request and the data browser of a visitor, are registered and used for statistical analysis of visitor and click behaviour on the website. We use Google analytics to optimize our website. This information is not provided to third parties.


We use cookies to remember your settings and preferences. A cookie is a simple, small file that is sent with the pages of this website and stored by your browser on the hard drive of your computer. You can delete these cookies in your browser.

Reasonable Adjustments

Special educational needs

Students with special educational needs are asked to express their needs to the Eleanor Wine Academy when registering to a WSET course by filling out the corresponding section in the online booking form.
Students can require a reasonable adjustments also during the WSET course no later than 6 weeks prior the examination date.

We will do the upmost to make it possible for a student with special educational needs to follow a course and to take an exam.

Notify when registering

Applicants with special educational needs, either with regard to the course or exam, must inform the Eleanor Wine Academy immediately at the time of enrolment, on the registration form, by email or in writing.

Applicants requiring educational needs must inform the Eleanor Wine Academy at least 6 weeks before the examination date, so that we can inform WSET Awards and be able to efficiently take the necessary measures.

Candidates qualifying for reasonable adjustment may be entitled to:

We will inform you directly when we cannot meet the requirements.

No unfair advantage

Reasonable adjustments must not give unfair advantage over other candidates.

Proof of special needs

The student or exam candidate must, if required by the Eleanor Wine Academy, be able to provide proof of an educational need by an authorized person when registering to a WSET course through the online booking form or during the WSET course no later than 6 weeks prior the examination date.


For dyslexia candidates, a statement from the general practitioner is not valid, this must be a statement from an authorized person, as described on the website of the “Dyslexie Nederland foundation”.

Assistance with a disability

Students or exam candidates with a (possibly temporary) disability will be supported to make the use of the classroom and exam room possible.


Candidates who have made use of special educational need adjustments are asked to make their experience known to the Eleanor Wine Academy. This can be done on the feedback form that is distributed at the end of each course. Candidates are also invited to share their experience with the Eleanor Wine Academy by email, telephone or otherwise.

Candidates are also invited to share their experience with the Eleanor Wine Academy by email, telephone or otherwise.

Special Consideration

Students/candidates who have been disadvantaged by temporary illness, injury, indisposition, or adverse circumstances at the time of the assessment may be eligible for special consideration if:

Students/candidates requiring special consideration must inform the Eleanor Wine Academy with supporting independent documentation by sending an email to [email protected] no later than 5 working days after the date of assessment for which special consideration is being sought.

Diversity and equality


Every person who comes into contact with the Eleanor Wine Academy, such as a student, educator, or location manager, will be treated with respect, in accordance with the principles of diversity and equal rights, in accordance with the Dutch law.

Age restriction

Courses of the Eleanor Wine Academy are open for public. Everyone from the age of 18 is welcome, above that there is no age restriction.

No discrimination

Eleanor Wine Index prohibits discrimination against and harassment of any student or any applicant because of race, colour, national or ethnic origin, age, religion, disability, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression. Only for examination purposes, the candidate is asked to inform Eleanor Wine Academy about gender and date of birth.

Malpractice and maladministration

Malpractice is any deliberate actions, neglect, default or other practice where non-compliance is intentional or the result of negligence.

Maladministration is any non-deliberate activity, neglect, default or other practice that results in the Eleanor Wine Academy or Student not complying with the specified requirements for delivery of the qualifications.

Malpractice and maladministration may include a range of issues. The examples below can determine the withdrawal of students/candidates registration:

Eleanor Wine Academy staff is responsible of being vigilant with regard to any events which may lead to malpractice / maladministration occurring. Staff will report promptly to the Quality Nominee where they suspect malpractice / maladministration has and /or may occur so that appropriate action can be taken with immediate effect.

The Quality Nominee is responsible for notifying WSET Awards of cases of suspected / actual malpractice and maladministration immediately in order to ensure the appropriate action can be taken.

Whether a situation is maladministration or malpractice will be determined by WSET Awards following an investigation.

If Eleanor Wine Academy actions/maladministration lead to students/candidates being disadvantage, please, inform our Administration Officer immediately by email [email protected]

Payment Terms, Cancellations and refunds

Advance payment is required to confirm your booking for all classes and courses you signed up for.
Payment should be made within 10 days before your class starts to:

Account Name: Eleanor Wine
IBAN nr: NL06ABNA0470203684
Address: Strombaan 12, 1181VX, Amstelveen, the Netherlands

Please, be aware that we have limited spots available. We will not confirm your registration until we receive the payment of the course fee.

If you cancel 14 days prior to the course or class, you will receive a refund less a 10% cancellation fee. If you cancel after the class begins, no refunds will apply. Your registration is fully transferable to another person for the same course and session, subject to qualification. If you miss a class, you are welcome to make it up the next time it is offered. Course tuition and examination fees are non-transferable to other schools.

Failure to attend a course by illness or force majeure
There will be no refund of payment or down payment if the participant is unable to attend (a part of) the course, or an exam. There is no right at substitute course days.

Interruption or abort of a course due to force majeure
If, due to force majeure (e.g. Covid-19), the course must be interrupted, the Eleanor Wine Academy reserves the right to postpone the remaining course sessions until restrictions are lifted. If the course , due to force majeure, must be aborted by the Eleanor Wine Academy, the payed course fee for the remaining course sessions will be refunded, minus the value of the received study pack.

The value of the WSET Level 1 book is € 35,-
The value of the WSET Level 2 study pack is set at € 90,-
The value of the WSET Level 3 study pack is set at € 130.-

The value of the remaining course sessions shall be determined based on the course fee at that time. Other costs of participants such as reserved days off or other intangible losses are not compensated.

Cancellation of the course by the Eleanor Wine Academy
If the minimal number of 4 participants for a course is not obtained, the Eleanor Wine Academy can decide to cancel the course. The participants shall be informed at least 2 days before the start of the course. The paid amount for this course will be returned within 7 days.

Return payments
If due to circumstances as stated in these General Terms and Conditions the Eleanor Wine Academy proceeds to refund a (partial) course fee, the deposited will only be transferred to the bank account number from which the payment was done.

No liability through loss or damage
The Eleanor Wine Academy accepts no liability for damage or loss of clothing or property caused by others

Change of an exam date or a new exam date
The exam date for a course is set at the start of the course and is always listed on the website. The participant can apply only once for a change of the exam date if desired. The cost of changing an examination date is € 35.-
This request should be in the possession of the Eleanor Wine Academy no later than four weeks before the exam date. After this period, or when the candidate does not appear on the exam for whatever reason, a new exam can be requested. This includes a new full exam fee.

The examination fee for WSET Award in Wines or Spirirts Level 1 is € 45.-

The examination fee for WSET Award in Wines or Spirits Level 2 is € 90.-
The examination fee for WSET Award in Wines Level 3 is € 150.-
The examination fee for WSET Award in Wines Level 3 – only theory is € 100.- 
The examination fee for WSET Award in Wines Level 3 – only tasting is € 100.-

Every other exam organized by the Eleanor Wine Academy can be redone once, provided a new exam fee is payed. The date is set in accordance with the Eleanor Wine Academy. Usually, the exam date will be the next time that the examination is conducted.

Cancellation of examination by force majeure (e.g. Covid-19 restrictions)
If, due to force majeure, the Eleanor Wine Academy has to cancel an examination date, the student will be invited to attend the exam at a later date. The student has the right to choose between at least two dates. The right to an exam expires after two years. No examination fee will be refunded.
Costs of days off or other immaterial damages are not reimbursed. The Eleanor Wine Academy will strive to the utmost to avoid cancellation of an exam.

Exam results
The WSET is offering limited feedback at a payed base for a candidate that did not pass any WSET exam. WSET feedback forms can be obtained from the Eleanor Wine Academy. WSET- and Eleanor Wine Academy exams questions and answers are not made public.

For more information and to register for the class, please contact our Administration OfficeEmail: [email protected]