Lisa, an Eleanor Wine Academy student, WSET Level 2 Award in Wines “My name is Lisa and I am passionate about learning more about different wines. I lived in Madrid, Spain for almost four years and in that time, I became interested in different wine regions there, and especially La Rioja. When I lived in […]

Eleanor’s WEBINAR Il Borro Wines

Lamelle IGT Toscana 2019 is produced by cold pressing 100 % Chardonnay grapes which are hand-harvested. The wine is fermented and matured in stainless-steel tanks to preserve its freshness with fruity and floral aromas. On the palate it is pleasantly fresh with a marked mineral note deriving from a well-balanced acidity. This wine is ideal […]


Carbonation, the cheapest method of sparkling wine production, is widely used around the world. In this method CO2 is injected into a still wine. It is mostly used to produce fruity sparkling wines from grapes with strong varietal flavours, such as Sauvignon Blanc. Willing to learn more about sparkling wine production? Sign up for our […]

Eleanor’s WEBINAR Il Borro Wines

Il Borro IGT Toscana 2016, 50% Merlot, 35% Cabernet, 15% Syrah, is one of the wines exclusively selected for an e-tasting of Il Borro Wines. The flagship wine, ​Il Borro 2016 is the heart and soul of the Il Borro Estate, the most beautiful expression of its terroir and the perfect symbol of the winery’s […]


Ranjeeta, an Eleanor Wine Academy student, WSET Level 3 Award in Wines “My first encounter with wine was 10 years ago on a trip to Chianti, Italy while staying on a popular wine estate. With almost no prior experience in wine, it came as a surprise when people complemented me having a good ‘nose’ during […]

FINE WINE: Bolle di Borro Classic Method Rosè

In 1993, Ferruccio Ferragamo alongside his son Salvatore Ferragamo (AD of Il Borro) and daughter Vittoria Ferragamo (director of organic production and special projects) expanded his love of finer things to winemaking by buying a 1,700-acre property that includes a medieval village, in the heart of Tuscany: Il Borro. The Il Borro wine production is based on […]

WINE FACT: Sparkling wine production

There are 5 main methods to produce a sparkling wine, each resulting in a different carbonation level. The vast majority of sparkling wines in the world are produced using two methods – Traditional Method (used for Champagne) and Tank Method (used for Prosecco). Take a look at Tank Method. This sparkling wine production technique came […]

Eleanor’s WEBINAR Il Borro Wines

Il Borro is inviting you to e-tasting of Il Borro Wines with Salvatore Ferragamo on Thursday July 9th at 16h00, on Zoom. Purchased in 1993 by Ferruccio Ferragamo, the Il Borro estate grows great varieties of both Italian and international grapes on the Val D’Arno hills at the foot of the Pratomagno mountains in Tuscany. […]

WINE NEWS: Let’s get back to class!

We are glad to announce the restart of WSET Level 1 and 2 courses Awards in Wine courses in class from September 2020. We will start the courses at Eleanor Wine Academy located by the Amstel canal in the city center of Amsterdam on:– 03 September, WSET L1 Awards in Wine– 15 September, WSET L2 […]

WINE NEWS: Inside Bordeaux by Jane Anson

We are pleased to have organised the official launch of Jane Anson’s last book “Inside Bordeaux”in the Netherlands yesterday. It was a very enjoyable webinar with scientific insights about the Bordeaux region and its future, hosted by Jane Anson, Kees van Leeuwen and Vittoria Mariani. Working on the book, Jane used her extensive knowledge of […]